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Today we are exactly at the midway point, a month gone from claiming and a month until deadline! AND WE ARE EXCITED. We already have a few submissions in, which is [Poll #1789800]
For those of you who don't have a beta or would like to offer your beta services, we've put up a post here. Check it out. We would also like to remind everyone that the submission guidelines can be found in this post or in the profile. No one wants to be Crabbe and Goyle, do they? ;D

And lastly, because friending memes are always relevant, check out ours! :D



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Next Gen Winter Fest


[community profile] nextgen_mas is a next-gen and cross-gen winter/holiday fest celebrating both the winter period and the next-gen characters that we all know and love.

Your mods are [personal profile] mrs_jack_turner and [personal profile] nerakrose.