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Hello everyone!

We're in the process of tidying up things here on the dreamwidth side, and are in the process of importing all entries from LJ. We have moved all the art hosting to dreamwidth and will be replacing the art links in the imported entries as soon as possible. Dreamwidth is busy so it'll be a few days before everything is in place.

Those of you who have used the LJ hosted images when reposting your work elsewhere are welcome to continue to use that hosting as we won't be deleting the LJ community. If you want to switch hosting, you might want to find your own as dreamwidth image hosting only works on-site; that is to say, dreamwidth hosted images will not work on e.g. AO3. 
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Hello, everyone!

As all fest entries are mirrored on dreamwidth, HERE, the contents of this fest should be safe. We will be moving the hosting of the fanart to dreamwidth, and will update the links on the dreamwidth mirror, within the next week.

You'll notice that this message does not come from the mod account ([ profile] next_mas_mods), this is because I am hoping that by not signing into the mod account and thus not accepting the new TOS will keep this community safe. If not...find us on dreamwidth :'D

In short: this fest will no longer be active on livejournal.

I was tentatively planning on bringing this fest back for a 2017 round, but haven't made any final decisions yet. In the event of a renaissance (resurrection? Reanimation?) this will take place on dreamwidth, so check the dreamwidth mirror for news.
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Prompting is still open at [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest! Head on over and leave lots of prompts, and don't forget to sign up. ;)

come join [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest!

Art by [ profile] 8c, Banner by [ profile] capitu
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Hello everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that [ profile] nextgen_mas is going on hiatus and won't return this year. It's been an awesome two years so far and we're sad to make this decision, but we frankly don't know when this fest will return so can't make promises at this point in time.

Your mods
[ profile] mrs_jack_turner & [ profile] nerak_rose
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We are so sorry for the mistakes in posting that happened today and in wrapping up the fest prematurely. There was an error when copying names over to the posting schedule and list of completed submissions and we missed it. As a result we accidentally missed posting two of the submissions when we were supposed to. Please believe us when we say that we are incredibly sorry for the mix up and that we certainly didn't mean to exclude anyone's work from the fest.

An updated master list will be posted shortly.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Mods
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We've got a bunch of amazing fics, artworks and even podfics lined up for you over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for when posting starts tomorrow - december 1st :D

There's a couple of banners under the cut if you want to spread the word about our little fest.

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You have an hour to get your fics/art in. :)

However, your mods are tired and are going to bed. We'll respond to your submissions and emails in the morning, so don't panic if you don't hear from us right away. We'll get back to everyone tomorrow and those of you who haven't submitted anything to us by morning will be contacted to ensure no one's been trampled by elephants. 


Nov. 11th, 2012 02:29 pm
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Suddenly it's only two weeks until deadline - where did the time go? 

It's been a bit quiet here this time around as your mods have been and still are both super busy (and attempting nanowrimo on top of everything). We thought we'd pop in to say we're still alive and kicking and we already have a bunch of wonderful submissions sitting in our inbox, all shiny and pretty and can't wait to see what else will roll in. :D 

A friendly reminder that if you need to drop out or ask for an extension, or if you need us for other modly things, our email address is nextgenmas [at]

Beta Post

Oct. 18th, 2012 01:14 pm
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Hi everyone, so we're a couple of weeks through the time you have to complete your prompt, so we're providing a beta post for you to offer your services/ask for a beta reader.

If you want to take advantage of this post, please just fill out the form relevant to you below:

If you'd like offer to be a beta please fill in the following form:

If you're looking for a beta, please fill in the following form (please remember to limit the details you provide to avoid breaking anonymity):

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As we have already received our first submission, we thought it prudent to remind everyone that the submission guidelines can be found in this post. Submission headers are to be found also in that post or below. 

We will be setting up a beta-sign up post within the next few weeks.

Happy creating! :D 

Sidenote: If no one has received a confirmation email for the prompt they've claimed, please check your spambox. Either way, if you claimed something, you've likely gotten it as no two people asked for the same prompt as their first priority. :)

Submission headers )
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Claiming closes tonight - and the claiming post is here. ;D

(got here a bit late? annoyed that you didn't find this fest sooner? late prompt claiming at the mods' discretion. comment to this post or email us at nextgenmas [at] gmail dot com and we'll get back to you asap.)
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Due to a number of excuses (and mostly because we'd like more claims wink wink), we have decided to extend the claiming period until Sunday, midnight GMT. So if you haven't yet made up your mind about which prompt you want, you don't have to rush it as you have more time to think about it. (Your mods haven't even decided yet which prompts to claim...good rolemodels, us.)

ALSO, something we forgot to say when we made the claiming post (go us): last year's prompts are exempted from the 'don't claim your own prompt' rule. So if you prompted something last year and would like to write/art it this year, go ahead! 
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There are still a LOT of prompts to choose between and don't forget that last year's prompts are up for grabs too. :)


Sep. 16th, 2012 11:51 am
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Please familiarise yourselves with the rules if you haven’t already and then claim away.

We have gotten over 160 amazing prompts and the list can be found in its entirety over on our website as the post was too large to post here, but all comments should be made to this post. The unclaimed prompts from last year are also up for grabs. All prompts can be claimed twice, once for fiction and once for art. Any prompts that have been claimed once will be coloured red (and next to it will be stated what it has been claimed for) and any that have been claimed twice will be crossed out.

All prompts are numbered in the order they came in. Some prompts appear in several categories but will have the same number. These prompts can also only be claimed twice; if a gen prompt which appears also in the slash and het categories is claimed for fic, it will be coloured red in all categories.
Last year's prompts are numbered differently (starting in the #200s), so there is no need to indicate in your claiming form which list it came from.

Podficcers can choose to claim one of the fics on offer or they can sign up with a fic of their own choice. Please remember to indicate in the sign up form whether you wish to be anonymous during posting. If not, your podfic will not be posted anonymously. (You can of course change your mind about this later, but remember to let us know.)

Complete prompts list

Slash prompts

Het prompts

Gen prompts

Any genre prompts (as in, free for all :D)

Fic offers for podficcing

The 2011 prompts list

When you have chosen your favourite prompt(s) please fill out the following form to claim it so that we can edit the post to reflect what is still available to people. As soon as you get a confirmation email (which promises to be a faster response than Pottermore) that you have got your prompt, feel free to begin working on it. Please remember that this is an anonymous fest so keep which prompt you have to yourself and discuss it with as few people as possible, i.e only your beta. For this reason, comments are screened.
We are asking for your top three prompts just in case your first choice is claimed in the time it takes for us to edit the post to reflect any changes.

Fic/Art claiming form:

Podfic sign up form:

Once you have submitted your entry for the fest you can claim another prompt if you should feel like it. All works are due no later than November 26th.

(got here a bit late? annoyed that you didn't find this fest sooner? late prompt claiming at the mods' discretion. comment to this post or email us at nextgenmas [at] gmail dot com and we'll get back to you asap.)
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Prompting closes tomorrow at midnight GMT. That means you have ~33 hours to get your prompts in before it's too late. :D
Claiming opens already on Sunday.


Sep. 5th, 2012 10:53 am
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- You can prompt ANY pairing you like as long as it is next-gen or cross-gen
- You can also prompt something that is not romance at all; we also accept gen prompts
- Your prompt can be anything (a quote, a song, a movie, a picture - though if you want to use a picture or a youtube video etc. please link to it instead of embedding it. Remember to add a warning if it's NSWF.)
- Even though this is a christmas/winter fest, it does not mean your prompt absolutely has to have something to do with the season, but why not keep it festive? ;D
- Your prompt can be for a specific pairing/characters or not, please state clearly in the prompt which is the case.
- Submit as many prompts as you like!
- Submitting a prompt does not mean you have to claim one later. ;D
- if you do not have an LJ username, please put your ao3/dreamwidth/tumblr/whatever username instead.
- if you edit your comment to include more prompts, please mark where the new prompts begin. We add the prompts to the prompt sheet as they come in and this way it's easier for us to see what's new and what isn't.
- Lastly, please use the following template for your prompt submission:

ETA: Anyone who wishes to offer their (winter/holiday themed next-gen/cross-gen) fics for podficcing for this fest, can use this template:

Please bear in mind that podficcers aren't required to choose one of your fics, or indeed any of the fics offered, and can choose to read something else. By offering up your fics for podficcing you are simply helping with pooling together appropriately themed fics for them. :)
Please only offer up your own fics and do not offer fics on behalf of someone else, even if that person has a Blanket Permission statement in their profile.

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2012 Timeline

September 5th to September 15th: Prompt submissions
September 16th to September 26th: Prompt claiming and sign ups
November 26th: Submissions due
December 1st: Posting starts

NB! As something new, we now also allow podfics! See further information in the rules.

Rules )
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In just a few days prompting for this year's [ profile] nextgen_mas will open! Further information (including a few changes - to the better ;D) as well as this year's timeline will be up at the same time.

Stay tuned. :)
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Yes, we know it's been said before, but we just want to thank you all again for participating in the fest. We love each and every author, artist, prompter, reviewer and lurker (yes, we know you're out there :P) because without you this fest would have not been so much fun to run and be a part of.

All this being said, this was our first time running a fest, so we'd love to get feedback on how you think it went so we can improve upon things for next year. A number of you have already told us that you enjoyed it/loved it etc in comments on other posts, but now here's a chance to elaborate on that if you want to.

Was there anything you didn't like?
Was there that could be improved?
Was there anything you don't want us to change?
Is there anything you would like to see added to the fest?

Pretty much you can tell us anything.

All we ask is that if you do have any criticisms please voice them politely. Comments are screened.

This is likely the last post you'll see from us in a while, so we hope you all have a great year! ♥


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Next Gen Winter Fest


[community profile] nextgen_mas is a next-gen and cross-gen winter/holiday fest celebrating both the winter period and the next-gen characters that we all know and love.

Your mods are [personal profile] mrs_jack_turner and [personal profile] nerakrose.